Vodburner is about recording Skype calls on windows. With every call you make, it records in high quality and stores on the computer after. It has a simple design and you will find its interface quite very easy to use. When you let the tool to record Skype calls, it will do it automatically, you absolutely do nothing to help apart from giving the software access to work from Skype. You have everything if you choose this kind of software to record Skype calls because it has nearly all the amazing functions that would make the recording session enjoyable.  During Skype call recording, users can easily pause the call or even stop it if they are about to do something else. It is the best and somehow it lets you to record at your own pace. When i used this tool some time back to record my calls, I remember it also gave me the opportunity to capture the precious moments I had when I was recording, whenever there was something funny,  I made it a point to capture, precisely, what I am trying to say is that when you focus on this software, you are going to get much more out of it.

Features of Vodburner

  • You are not going to believe this, but this Skype recorder will allow you to record both Skype calls with no time limit. Let’s just say this; we think Vodburenr is the real deal if you want to record prolonged calls with no limit.
  • Do we all know what it’s like to record Skype calls in modes? Wonder no more as this software gives you a chance to record from Side by Side, this side or other side views. You literally choose who to show while you record Skype calls.
  • You wanna record and edit your video call? You wanna add texts? Just relax and watch what this tool is capable of, all that it can do and you will be able to put sub-tittles to your files.
  • Well, users can save video Skype calls in MP4/WAV file format which is also convenient for sharing with other people
  • Vodburner is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, windows 2000, windows XP and windows Vista, plus it’s free to download and easy to use.
  • Not only can you edit by just adding texts, but you can also add picture and audio to your recorded file
  • It provides four convenient buttons which help a lot when you are recording calls for example, record, pause, stop and edit. You use them accordingly, if you want to pause, you click on it, to end the call; you click on Stop button like that.

Advantages of Vodburner

  • It supports video & audio Skype call
  • There’s no time limit for both Skype calls
  • It creates high quality Skype calls
  • The software records automatically all calls

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • With the free trial, you will not record for a lifetime.




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