Talkhelper is a free and advanced tool used to record Skype calls. The tool works on all windows and it has got a simple interface, so whoever is pleased with it will find a smooth way to operate it. This software has never been basic in anyway, clearly you can all tell from what it’s capable of doing, it allows you to record both video and audio Skype calls, and will record them with high quality which will make you feel proud of your recordings. It’s different compared to others because it records from within Skype and while you record video calls, it captures video frames of the Skype video call. users also like using it because it is free and offers both Skype calls with no functional limit, we all understand how hard it is to find a recorder that is not limited with it functions, and here you find TalkHelper. That being said, this program has two editions:  free trial and Professional, free trial will allow you to record for seven days with not functional limit, and then Professional offers unlimited Skype call recording. You will record all the interviews and conferences you might have without stopping if you use Professional version. However, the features are still the same, the difference is with the limitation, so after you figure out what exactly you need, then you can choose the version that you think will be perfect for your calls.

Features of TalkHelper

  • This Skype recorder tool saves videos in AVI and audio Skype calls in MP3 or WAV format, so your recordings are saved separately, videos alone and audios alone which makes it easy to trace.
  • The program will ensure systematic services in regards to recording Skype calls, and also produce good high quality results for both video and audio Skype calls
  • One of the features that users normally look for in a recorder is the ability to edit Skype calls, this program will enable you to add memos and notes to your recorded files and that will make them outstanding.
  • It has a delete option, so in case you record something and eventually don’t feel like you like, you can just click delete button and it will be no more
  • This app will show the full names and the time duration of your recorded file, you can see this if you check the previous calls.
  • It allows you to record voice mails as well as Skype video messages, so whatever voice mail you get, it will be surely recorded and they will be saved on your computer for a playback
  • Your Skype recorded files will also be well organized with this tool, like we mentioned, Skype videos will be separated from audio Skype calls and so are video messages

Advantages of TalkHelper

  • It allows end users to record with no functional limit
  • This tool records video and audio Skype calls
  • It has a simple interface and free to download

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • Free trial is limited for 7 days.


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