Supertintin Skype video recorder is surprisingly one of the most advanced tools we have on the market. This program will record audio and video Skype calls with high quality. It allows you to screen share while recording video and will also record voice mails you receive on your Skype without fail. Among the many recorders, this one is exceptional because it records video calls in high definition, which is something everyone would yearn for in a good recorder, because you will be confident that your results are gonna be excellent. You see, this will be the best tool you will ever use to record your private calls, conferences as well as interviews because it will allow you to record in modes and also store them on your hard drive or any portable usb, allowing you to playback in your free time when you are bored. Because this software displays all the information of the call made, it makes it easier for you to also track for recorded files or history. You can always search by date, or by the stream of your Skype call and it will retrieve for you every detail of that particular call. Additionally, Supertintin is the only functional recorder that will blow your mind away from the time you use it till end, so don’t hesitate to grab it and record your Skype conversations now.

How to record with Supertintin

  1. To use this software, you need windows
  2. Look for it from the official website of Supertintin
  3. Download/install the tool on your machine
  4. Be patient and wait for it to install perfectly
  5. When you notice that it has finished the installation, wait for a notification
  6. Once you get the notification, click Allow access
  7. After that, the software will immediately start working in Skype
  8. Make a call and the tool will record automatically.
  9. Alternatively, when you make a call, click start recording button as opposed to recording automatically.
  10. While you see the app record, you might need to pause for sometime
  11. Click pause, then resume when you are through
  12. To stop the tool from recording, click Stop
  13. Go to your desktop, and you will find the folder there, double click on it to playback whenever


  • This software allows you to record in separate files; it is totally amazing since you control how you record
  • It also records Skype video chats, in addition, you will manage to record Skype group video calls of until 10 ways.
  • Supertintin takes just less than one minute to download, so there’s no time wasting here
  • It works on windows 7, windows 8, windows vista and windows XP
  • Best thing is that it records all Skype online calls e.g podcasts and other VoIP calls.


  • It supports both Skype calls (audio and video)
  • This tool can also record Skype phone calls
  • It will allow you to record in local webcam only, picture in picture and many more.



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