Pamela is a great tool for recording Skype calls like, interviews, conferences, podcasts and other VoIP calls. It is very well compatible with windows and will let you record video and audio Skype calls. So many people out there say it’s one of the most advanced simply because it’s super functional and also user friendly, no one wants to use a recorder that is complicated, we all want something that won’t waste our time, yet very effective, and that’s why we find Pamela handy. It will offer blogging and call scheduler, so that you don’t get confusions when the call recording time comes. It’s hard to believe but it will allow you to play audio recorded files at the time you will be recording Skype calls, plus you can add some short notes if you like. There are also four editions of Pamela; Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business. Basic will allow you to record for fifteen minutes both video and audio, and then if you want to experience unlimited call recording, you upgrade to Professional or Business, they offer more advanced features and also last for a lifetime, however, we think it’s better to install Call Recorder if you have no money for the upgrade, it also lets you to record for free.

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela is fantastic as it will record your Skype calls automatically, the tool always detects whenever you make a call, so your job is to make a call, and it will record for you regardless.
  • This software will always respond back to your contacts every time you leave your computer, this only happens in your absence though, so don’t expect it to do the same thing in your presence
  • When we say this software is unique this is what we mean, not only will it record Skype calls, but also will record Skype chats and video messages automatically and save them on your PC
  • It offers a chat history when you finish recording, so you can always playback the same files in the future.
  • It is free to download and upgrade, whenever you need to upgrade, just feel free because it won’t give you a hard time in doing so.
  • Its interface is very simple; anyone who has even never used a Skype recorder will still manage to record calls with it.
  • It can never be a dull moment when you record Skype calls with this software because as you record, it keeps on playing sounds with emotions
  • It comes with Birthday reminders, ensuring that you never miss a chance to wish friends a happy birthday; we all that the feel would be priceless if a friend wished us a lovely one.

Advantages of Pamela

  • This app supports email forwarding
  • Recording video and audio Skype calls is well supported with this tool
  • It records all Skype conversations automatically

Disadvantages of Pamela

  • Upgrading to the better versions of Pamela is costly



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