Mp3 Skype recorder is another audio recording program. You will be able to record audio Skype calls for free and all you do is simply make a call and it will record automatically. As much as you think it’s impossible to find a recorder that is free and at the same records with high quality – from what we have experienced about this software. It is capable of all that. You have no idea about the things this tool is capable of doing. It can record calls made to your Skype online number which is not a common feature you can easily find in any recorder. With this software, you are even able to hide it as you record and also get to play games or actually work on different things at the same time. Without struggling, you can download it on your windows PC and start recording Skype calls straight away.

Features of MP3

  • Of course, one of the best features about MP3 is the fact that it allows you to record for free; this excites everybody who would love to record calls without being charged and that is why we as well recommend it to you.
  • With this tool, it doesn’t matter whether the call is Outgoing or Incoming, for it, it will just record all, automatically and also store on your computer for later use.
  • This software is compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10
  • When you record audio calls, you can save them in MP3 file format.
  • It has advanced recording settings for example, you can use mono or stereo mode to record Skype calls, in addition, there’s also comes with the 64 Bit Rate and 16000 sample rate.
  • While the recording takes place, it will show the actual file size of your ongoing Skype call recording, so you will know if you have recorded big files or small files
  • You have access to notification settings – you can either turn them on or turn them off, whatever makes you feel comfortable when recording your Skype conversations.
  • With this recorder, you will be allowed to create a destination folder on the computer where you would want to save your recorded files, unlike other recorders that actually just automatically save on the computer without giving you the opportunity
  • This is a great tool to go for because it will allow you to either choose microphone or rendering device to be recorded, whatever your choice, it will record.

Advantages of MP3

  • It is a completely free tool
  • It can record Skype conversations with high quality sound
  • It is also simple to track recorded calls with this recorder
  • It’s interface is very easy to use, any person can interpret it
  • This software supports parental recording

Disadvantages of MP3

  • MP3 Pro edition is expensive yet it’s the one that gives lifetime Skype call recording, additional features and also allows commercial use.

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