iFree is one hell of a recorder that is completely free. It will allow you to record Skype calls and believe me you will get away fully satisfied because there’s no limit with this one Рit is special like that, this program is compatible with windows and user friendly is its other name, like literally it offers all the functions, we have never found challenges with this software in regards to installing it, all you have to do is make a Skype call and this program will begin to record calls automatically. You can extensively rely upon this tool to record personal conversations as well as other VoIP calls. It is amazing software you can use to record calls every day and you will never get a stop notification because you have over used it to record calls. It will also do a perfect job for you in terms of quality, audio files will be clear enough and you will even be okay with it to share them with friends because at the back of your mind you know what you are sharing is excellent. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to track old history at anytime you feel like using them.

How to use iFree

  • Download iFree app from its official website on your device
  • Let it install and after it finishes, tap on the message it will pop
  • It reads Click Allow access
  • When you get done, make a Skype call
  • Click Ready button (its red in color) to enable the tool start recording the call
  • While you record, you have options to choose from for example you can record with Only record remote side, record both sides or Only record my side etc
  • Once you select one, click Apply and continue with the recording
  • Also, you can go to options and choose the mp3 quality you want like, Joint stereo, mono or stereo
  • So, when you complete recording your Skype call, click Stop button and it will immediately stop
  • Then go to my computer, you will be able to see a new folder which will have your recordings. Click on it to playback at anytime.

Advantages of iFree

  • This software offers different recording Bitrate, so users can select any and it will work.
  • It has a convenient chat reply that will text back to your chats when you are away from the computer
  • Much as it offers different Bitrate, it also comes with four Recording SampleRate, you can still choose one and go ahead with your recording
  • It has automatic and manual recording capabilities, you can never select both options, you have to choose one at ago, if you select automatic recording, all Skype calls you will have will be automatically recorded, and if you select manual, you must click start recording button for it to start

Disadvantages of iFree

  • iFree does not support prolonged Skype calls



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