G-Recorder is an advanced Skype recorder. This software will help you record chats and audio Skype calls. If you like to have access to your Skype files every now and then, please consider this recording tool. It gives you the power to even track history on your mobile. This is because the program saves your Skype calls on computer and Gmail, so it is easy if you just sign in to your Gmail account using your mobile. I cannot tell how much people really, like really treasure this software; it is exactly what they ever wished for because it even allows you to export existing chat history to email account. And thanks to its simple interface, users can easily operate it without having any troubles. It does quite a great job – records all the Skype calls with high quality and there’s multiple computers support. This program can also be competent for private calls, business Skype calls and personal calls. It has the ability to record calls automatically and will let you control the recording notifications – play around with them the way you would want to, for instance you choose to let them play or just disable them if you want to fully concentrate on your recording.

Features of G-Recorder

  • Users should trust this software because not only will it record Skype calls, but it will also make sure to back-up all your Skype history to Gmail and no one would ever access them except you.
  • This software is simply amazing, in fact, this is the tool that will allow you forward recorded files to any Gmail
  • Amazingly, it also promises users to refund back their money if they ever try this software, and do not get satisfied by the services, it guarantees only thirty days, if you exceed that time, it might be a different story
  • It is such an admirable tool because it is very easy to use and has got a straightforward interface,
  • We can tell you that this software, will also allow you to access your history from anywhere provided you have internet.
  • We consider this Skype recorder to be one of the most reliable available because it supports corporate email servers for example, Yahoo etc

Advanatges of G-Recorder

  • G-Recorder is reliable because it saves Skype calls on both Computer and Gmail
  • It is also incredible because it will start to record automatically as soon as it detects that you have made a call
  • It allows users to try it for free and even lets you to test almost all the features it offers , which has made it most popular today among others
  • Users have the ability to disable call recording alerts.
  • It records chats as well as audio Skype calls

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

  • The standard version of G-Record is limited and cannot allow you to record unlimited Skype calls
  • Lastly, G-Recorder Professional is very expensive to have.




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