Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is free software that helps you record Skype calls on windows. Everyone is pleased by the way this recorder works; it allows end users to record for free both video and audio Skype calls as it ensures good high quality sound. If you have been seriously searching for a tool that will not limit you at all, this is the one, no limitations attached whatsoever, everything you need to record, it will let you and will store your files safely for future use. It is a bit different in the way it saves Skype calls, it will not save automatically, but will give you the opportunity to create a folder for yourself, name it whatever you want and then when you finish recording, you can save in that same folder and you will obviously find them on your computer for a playback some time later. Furthermore, this application also does not record Skype calls automatically, users will have to click start recording button in order for it to begin, it does not detect when you make a Skype call like others do, but i promise you it’s pretty much more effective and functional than most of the recorders available. We recommend it because it’s free and records both Skype calls with no limit.

Features of Dvdvideosoft

  • First of all, this software is super lightweight, it will take just minimal space on your windows PC, so worry not when you are about to download it, you will still have enough space to even have other programs.
  • It comes with a pause button which will help you pause your recording and also resume when you are ready. Note; it will continue just from where you paused without even losing anything, so be confident that your recording will stay intact even when you pause.
  • This tool is compatible with windows, also it records with super high quality, be it Skype video call or Skype audio call.
  • It ensures high quality results, seriously, it cannot get any better because it allows you to record with no cost, and on top of that the results are excellent, they will be audible and very clear.
  • It’s the easiest to operate since it comes with 3 direct buttons

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • Dvdvideosoft lets you record both audio and video Skype calls
  • It is absolutely free, all calls you will record them for free of charge
  • It saves Skype video calls with AVI file format
  • It saves Skype audio calls with MP3 or WAV file format

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • Dvdvideosoft does not come with Skype recording notifications
  • This tool will sometimes blur video calls at the end.
  • It contains ads, they will keep on popping up during your recording sessions, and of course they annoy end users.
  • This Skype recorder tool also doesn’t support editing calls, once you record Skype calls with it that will be it.

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