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AthTek Skype recorder has got an intuitive interface which makes recording Skype conversation easy. The software supports both video and audio recording, meaning you will be able to even record both sides of the chats. The app stores audio Skype recordings in various formats such as OGG, FLAC, MP3 or WMA formats that deliver good quality, and do a good job of storing video Skype calls too in AVI file format. The soft ware comes with a simple interface which is one of the easiest to use and delivers a much more vivid high quality image. AthTek recorder has one of the most businesses like features we’ve tested. In fact, its recording quality was so good that it revealed every detail that was in the recording. It also supports windows 7, win 8, win 8.1, win 10, win Vista, win 2000 including 32-64bit. In addition, this program has two versions, the free trial version and the premium version. The free version is basically for test recording; to show you how the app works, but it only offers you 10 minutes of recording, then the premium allows users to have unlimited recording for both video and audio Skype conversation. Once you figure out what your priorities are, then you are even free to upgrade to the paid version.

Features of AthTek

  • AthTek call recorder allows users to record Skype calls and edit them by adding memos and names which makes your recorded history organised and easy to search for.
  • This app is the best for business call centres as well private call recording simply because it will start recording your Skype conversations as soon as you begin a call, there is no time wasting with AthTek recorder since it records automatically, In addition to recording automatically, it also has manual settings, if you don’t prefer recording your Skype calls automatically, you can always change to manual recording.
  • Both video and audio Skype conversations are supported, you will record all the videos you’ve ever wished to record, be it interviews or personal calls, you not find any difficulty in doing so and store them for future reference.
  • While this app can record both video and audio Skype conversations, it’s also great at recording them in high-quality which gives users the courage to upload their recorded files for other people to watch.
  • This app can as well be hidden during your Skype conversations which gives users the freedom to do other work on their computer.
  • It has got a simple interface, and installing it has never gotten any easier, if you have been there wondering if the app is simple, the answer is definitely a yes, no one can ever fail using AthTek call recorder because everything is direct with this soft ware.


  • AthTek free version only offers 10 minutes of recording.


If you are looking for a slick recorder experience – you should consider AthTek Call Recorder. This soft ware offers the most high-quality recording we have ever seen, and it is fast to download.



Vodburner is about recording Skype calls on windows. With every call you make, it records in high quality and stores on the computer after. It has a simple design and you will find its interface quite very easy to use. When you let the tool to record Skype calls, it will do it automatically, you absolutely do nothing to help apart from giving the software access to work from Skype. You have everything if you choose this kind of software to record Skype calls because it has nearly all the amazing functions that would make the recording session enjoyable.  During Skype call recording, users can easily pause the call or even stop it if they are about to do something else. It is the best and somehow it lets you to record at your own pace. When i used this tool some time back to record my calls, I remember it also gave me the opportunity to capture the precious moments I had when I was recording, whenever there was something funny,  I made it a point to capture, precisely, what I am trying to say is that when you focus on this software, you are going to get much more out of it.

Features of Vodburner

  • You are not going to believe this, but this Skype recorder will allow you to record both Skype calls with no time limit. Let’s just say this; we think Vodburenr is the real deal if you want to record prolonged calls with no limit.
  • Do we all know what it’s like to record Skype calls in modes? Wonder no more as this software gives you a chance to record from Side by Side, this side or other side views. You literally choose who to show while you record Skype calls.
  • You wanna record and edit your video call? You wanna add texts? Just relax and watch what this tool is capable of, all that it can do and you will be able to put sub-tittles to your files.
  • Well, users can save video Skype calls in MP4/WAV file format which is also convenient for sharing with other people
  • Vodburner is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, windows 2000, windows XP and windows Vista, plus it’s free to download and easy to use.
  • Not only can you edit by just adding texts, but you can also add picture and audio to your recorded file
  • It provides four convenient buttons which help a lot when you are recording calls for example, record, pause, stop and edit. You use them accordingly, if you want to pause, you click on it, to end the call; you click on Stop button like that.

Advantages of Vodburner

  • It supports video & audio Skype call
  • There’s no time limit for both Skype calls
  • It creates high quality Skype calls
  • The software records automatically all calls

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • With the free trial, you will not record for a lifetime.





Talkhelper is a free and advanced tool used to record Skype calls. The tool works on all windows and it has got a simple interface, so whoever is pleased with it will find a smooth way to operate it. This software has never been basic in anyway, clearly you can all tell from what it’s capable of doing, it allows you to record both video and audio Skype calls, and will record them with high quality which will make you feel proud of your recordings. It’s different compared to others because it records from within Skype and while you record video calls, it captures video frames of the Skype video call. users also like using it because it is free and offers both Skype calls with no functional limit, we all understand how hard it is to find a recorder that is not limited with it functions, and here you find TalkHelper. That being said, this program has two editions:  free trial and Professional, free trial will allow you to record for seven days with not functional limit, and then Professional offers unlimited Skype call recording. You will record all the interviews and conferences you might have without stopping if you use Professional version. However, the features are still the same, the difference is with the limitation, so after you figure out what exactly you need, then you can choose the version that you think will be perfect for your calls.

Features of TalkHelper

  • This Skype recorder tool saves videos in AVI and audio Skype calls in MP3 or WAV format, so your recordings are saved separately, videos alone and audios alone which makes it easy to trace.
  • The program will ensure systematic services in regards to recording Skype calls, and also produce good high quality results for both video and audio Skype calls
  • One of the features that users normally look for in a recorder is the ability to edit Skype calls, this program will enable you to add memos and notes to your recorded files and that will make them outstanding.
  • It has a delete option, so in case you record something and eventually don’t feel like you like, you can just click delete button and it will be no more
  • This app will show the full names and the time duration of your recorded file, you can see this if you check the previous calls.
  • It allows you to record voice mails as well as Skype video messages, so whatever voice mail you get, it will be surely recorded and they will be saved on your computer for a playback
  • Your Skype recorded files will also be well organized with this tool, like we mentioned, Skype videos will be separated from audio Skype calls and so are video messages

Advantages of TalkHelper

  • It allows end users to record with no functional limit
  • This tool records video and audio Skype calls
  • It has a simple interface and free to download

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • Free trial is limited for 7 days.



Supertintin Skype video recorder is surprisingly one of the most advanced tools we have on the market. This program will record audio and video Skype calls with high quality. It allows you to screen share while recording video and will also record voice mails you receive on your Skype without fail. Among the many recorders, this one is exceptional because it records video calls in high definition, which is something everyone would yearn for in a good recorder, because you will be confident that your results are gonna be excellent. You see, this will be the best tool you will ever use to record your private calls, conferences as well as interviews because it will allow you to record in modes and also store them on your hard drive or any portable usb, allowing you to playback in your free time when you are bored. Because this software displays all the information of the call made, it makes it easier for you to also track for recorded files or history. You can always search by date, or by the stream of your Skype call and it will retrieve for you every detail of that particular call. Additionally, Supertintin is the only functional recorder that will blow your mind away from the time you use it till end, so don’t hesitate to grab it and record your Skype conversations now.

How to record with Supertintin

  1. To use this software, you need windows
  2. Look for it from the official website of Supertintin
  3. Download/install the tool on your machine
  4. Be patient and wait for it to install perfectly
  5. When you notice that it has finished the installation, wait for a notification
  6. Once you get the notification, click Allow access
  7. After that, the software will immediately start working in Skype
  8. Make a call and the tool will record automatically.
  9. Alternatively, when you make a call, click start recording button as opposed to recording automatically.
  10. While you see the app record, you might need to pause for sometime
  11. Click pause, then resume when you are through
  12. To stop the tool from recording, click Stop
  13. Go to your desktop, and you will find the folder there, double click on it to playback whenever


  • This software allows you to record in separate files; it is totally amazing since you control how you record
  • It also records Skype video chats, in addition, you will manage to record Skype group video calls of until 10 ways.
  • Supertintin takes just less than one minute to download, so there’s no time wasting here
  • It works on windows 7, windows 8, windows vista and windows XP
  • Best thing is that it records all Skype online calls e.g podcasts and other VoIP calls.


  • It supports both Skype calls (audio and video)
  • This tool can also record Skype phone calls
  • It will allow you to record in local webcam only, picture in picture and many more.




Pamela is a great tool for recording Skype calls like, interviews, conferences, podcasts and other VoIP calls. It is very well compatible with windows and will let you record video and audio Skype calls. So many people out there say it’s one of the most advanced simply because it’s super functional and also user friendly, no one wants to use a recorder that is complicated, we all want something that won’t waste our time, yet very effective, and that’s why we find Pamela handy. It will offer blogging and call scheduler, so that you don’t get confusions when the call recording time comes. It’s hard to believe but it will allow you to play audio recorded files at the time you will be recording Skype calls, plus you can add some short notes if you like. There are also four editions of Pamela; Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business. Basic will allow you to record for fifteen minutes both video and audio, and then if you want to experience unlimited call recording, you upgrade to Professional or Business, they offer more advanced features and also last for a lifetime, however, we think it’s better to install Call Recorder if you have no money for the upgrade, it also lets you to record for free.

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela is fantastic as it will record your Skype calls automatically, the tool always detects whenever you make a call, so your job is to make a call, and it will record for you regardless.
  • This software will always respond back to your contacts every time you leave your computer, this only happens in your absence though, so don’t expect it to do the same thing in your presence
  • When we say this software is unique this is what we mean, not only will it record Skype calls, but also will record Skype chats and video messages automatically and save them on your PC
  • It offers a chat history when you finish recording, so you can always playback the same files in the future.
  • It is free to download and upgrade, whenever you need to upgrade, just feel free because it won’t give you a hard time in doing so.
  • Its interface is very simple; anyone who has even never used a Skype recorder will still manage to record calls with it.
  • It can never be a dull moment when you record Skype calls with this software because as you record, it keeps on playing sounds with emotions
  • It comes with Birthday reminders, ensuring that you never miss a chance to wish friends a happy birthday; we all that the feel would be priceless if a friend wished us a lovely one.

Advantages of Pamela

  • This app supports email forwarding
  • Recording video and audio Skype calls is well supported with this tool
  • It records all Skype conversations automatically

Disadvantages of Pamela

  • Upgrading to the better versions of Pamela is costly




Mp3 Skype recorder is another audio recording program. You will be able to record audio Skype calls for free and all you do is simply make a call and it will record automatically. As much as you think it’s impossible to find a recorder that is free and at the same records with high quality – from what we have experienced about this software. It is capable of all that. You have no idea about the things this tool is capable of doing. It can record calls made to your Skype online number which is not a common feature you can easily find in any recorder. With this software, you are even able to hide it as you record and also get to play games or actually work on different things at the same time. Without struggling, you can download it on your windows PC and start recording Skype calls straight away.

Features of MP3

  • Of course, one of the best features about MP3 is the fact that it allows you to record for free; this excites everybody who would love to record calls without being charged and that is why we as well recommend it to you.
  • With this tool, it doesn’t matter whether the call is Outgoing or Incoming, for it, it will just record all, automatically and also store on your computer for later use.
  • This software is compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10
  • When you record audio calls, you can save them in MP3 file format.
  • It has advanced recording settings for example, you can use mono or stereo mode to record Skype calls, in addition, there’s also comes with the 64 Bit Rate and 16000 sample rate.
  • While the recording takes place, it will show the actual file size of your ongoing Skype call recording, so you will know if you have recorded big files or small files
  • You have access to notification settings – you can either turn them on or turn them off, whatever makes you feel comfortable when recording your Skype conversations.
  • With this recorder, you will be allowed to create a destination folder on the computer where you would want to save your recorded files, unlike other recorders that actually just automatically save on the computer without giving you the opportunity
  • This is a great tool to go for because it will allow you to either choose microphone or rendering device to be recorded, whatever your choice, it will record.

Advantages of MP3

  • It is a completely free tool
  • It can record Skype conversations with high quality sound
  • It is also simple to track recorded calls with this recorder
  • It’s interface is very easy to use, any person can interpret it
  • This software supports parental recording

Disadvantages of MP3

  • MP3 Pro edition is expensive yet it’s the one that gives lifetime Skype call recording, additional features and also allows commercial use.


iFree is one hell of a recorder that is completely free. It will allow you to record Skype calls and believe me you will get away fully satisfied because there’s no limit with this one – it is special like that, this program is compatible with windows and user friendly is its other name, like literally it offers all the functions, we have never found challenges with this software in regards to installing it, all you have to do is make a Skype call and this program will begin to record calls automatically. You can extensively rely upon this tool to record personal conversations as well as other VoIP calls. It is amazing software you can use to record calls every day and you will never get a stop notification because you have over used it to record calls. It will also do a perfect job for you in terms of quality, audio files will be clear enough and you will even be okay with it to share them with friends because at the back of your mind you know what you are sharing is excellent. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to track old history at anytime you feel like using them.

How to use iFree

  • Download iFree app from its official website on your device
  • Let it install and after it finishes, tap on the message it will pop
  • It reads Click Allow access
  • When you get done, make a Skype call
  • Click Ready button (its red in color) to enable the tool start recording the call
  • While you record, you have options to choose from for example you can record with Only record remote side, record both sides or Only record my side etc
  • Once you select one, click Apply and continue with the recording
  • Also, you can go to options and choose the mp3 quality you want like, Joint stereo, mono or stereo
  • So, when you complete recording your Skype call, click Stop button and it will immediately stop
  • Then go to my computer, you will be able to see a new folder which will have your recordings. Click on it to playback at anytime.

Advantages of iFree

  • This software offers different recording Bitrate, so users can select any and it will work.
  • It has a convenient chat reply that will text back to your chats when you are away from the computer
  • Much as it offers different Bitrate, it also comes with four Recording SampleRate, you can still choose one and go ahead with your recording
  • It has automatic and manual recording capabilities, you can never select both options, you have to choose one at ago, if you select automatic recording, all Skype calls you will have will be automatically recorded, and if you select manual, you must click start recording button for it to start

Disadvantages of iFree

  • iFree does not support prolonged Skype calls




G-Recorder is an advanced Skype recorder. This software will help you record chats and audio Skype calls. If you like to have access to your Skype files every now and then, please consider this recording tool. It gives you the power to even track history on your mobile. This is because the program saves your Skype calls on computer and Gmail, so it is easy if you just sign in to your Gmail account using your mobile. I cannot tell how much people really, like really treasure this software; it is exactly what they ever wished for because it even allows you to export existing chat history to email account. And thanks to its simple interface, users can easily operate it without having any troubles. It does quite a great job – records all the Skype calls with high quality and there’s multiple computers support. This program can also be competent for private calls, business Skype calls and personal calls. It has the ability to record calls automatically and will let you control the recording notifications – play around with them the way you would want to, for instance you choose to let them play or just disable them if you want to fully concentrate on your recording.

Features of G-Recorder

  • Users should trust this software because not only will it record Skype calls, but it will also make sure to back-up all your Skype history to Gmail and no one would ever access them except you.
  • This software is simply amazing, in fact, this is the tool that will allow you forward recorded files to any Gmail
  • Amazingly, it also promises users to refund back their money if they ever try this software, and do not get satisfied by the services, it guarantees only thirty days, if you exceed that time, it might be a different story
  • It is such an admirable tool because it is very easy to use and has got a straightforward interface,
  • We can tell you that this software, will also allow you to access your history from anywhere provided you have internet.
  • We consider this Skype recorder to be one of the most reliable available because it supports corporate email servers for example, Yahoo etc

Advanatges of G-Recorder

  • G-Recorder is reliable because it saves Skype calls on both Computer and Gmail
  • It is also incredible because it will start to record automatically as soon as it detects that you have made a call
  • It allows users to try it for free and even lets you to test almost all the features it offers , which has made it most popular today among others
  • Users have the ability to disable call recording alerts.
  • It records chats as well as audio Skype calls

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

  • The standard version of G-Record is limited and cannot allow you to record unlimited Skype calls
  • Lastly, G-Recorder Professional is very expensive to have.





Evaer is an easy way to record audio and video Skype calls. It’s compatible with windows and records all Skype calls automatically; however you can change the automatic settings to manual if not interested in recording all calls automatically. It provides two boxes; automatic and manual, so you just tick one and it will set whatever you pick. It’s very useful because it will not just record Skype calls, but will also record Skype video calls and voice mails. We found it super amazing when we found out that you can actually preview video while recording Skype a call. The tool allows you to resize video windows while recording Skype calls and it would never miss out on anything, it will still show the video as it is and save it directly on your computer for a playback. It’s pretty much easy to use as long as you have the right requirements, you just download it, and give it permission to run from Skype, and then you will see it doing magic to all your Skype calls. Well, you have business calls, interviews you want to record? Try this software and you don’t even have to think twice about it because we have reviewed it so many times and it’s worth it.

Features of Evaer

  • With Eaver, it’s a sure deal that your Skype calls will be recorded with high quality as it captures the authentic data of the call while recording you record.
  • Another interesting thing about this software, is that it detects the kind of call you make and it will save them separately, if it detects that you are recording video, it will store it in AVI or MP4 format and if its audio, it will store them in MP3 format
  • Do not miss to record group Skype video calls, we told you this recorder is exceptional, and so it supports group calls up to 10 ways
  • It also supports recording calls with Side by side, separate files, picture in picture, local webcam only and so much more.
  • Screen sharing has also been made easy with this tool, now you can call and share screens with the people you call as much as you want.
  • Ability to exchange your Skype video position while you record on picture in picture mode.
  • There’s an option to record only audio Skype calls with this recorder, and it will still save them separately.
  • Furthermore, this software has an automatic chat reply, so when you step away from your computer, be confident that it will respond back to whoever tries to send you a message

Advantages of Evaer

  • It has a free trial edition which allows you to record for free
  • It is also free to upgrade
  • Supports video and audio Skype calling
  • There’s an answering machine for both Skype calls

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • The edition that offers unlimited Skype call recording requires money to access it



Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is free software that helps you record Skype calls on windows. Everyone is pleased by the way this recorder works; it allows end users to record for free both video and audio Skype calls as it ensures good high quality sound. If you have been seriously searching for a tool that will not limit you at all, this is the one, no limitations attached whatsoever, everything you need to record, it will let you and will store your files safely for future use. It is a bit different in the way it saves Skype calls, it will not save automatically, but will give you the opportunity to create a folder for yourself, name it whatever you want and then when you finish recording, you can save in that same folder and you will obviously find them on your computer for a playback some time later. Furthermore, this application also does not record Skype calls automatically, users will have to click start recording button in order for it to begin, it does not detect when you make a Skype call like others do, but i promise you it’s pretty much more effective and functional than most of the recorders available. We recommend it because it’s free and records both Skype calls with no limit.

Features of Dvdvideosoft

  • First of all, this software is super lightweight, it will take just minimal space on your windows PC, so worry not when you are about to download it, you will still have enough space to even have other programs.
  • It comes with a pause button which will help you pause your recording and also resume when you are ready. Note; it will continue just from where you paused without even losing anything, so be confident that your recording will stay intact even when you pause.
  • This tool is compatible with windows, also it records with super high quality, be it Skype video call or Skype audio call.
  • It ensures high quality results, seriously, it cannot get any better because it allows you to record with no cost, and on top of that the results are excellent, they will be audible and very clear.
  • It’s the easiest to operate since it comes with 3 direct buttons

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • Dvdvideosoft lets you record both audio and video Skype calls
  • It is absolutely free, all calls you will record them for free of charge
  • It saves Skype video calls with AVI file format
  • It saves Skype audio calls with MP3 or WAV file format

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • Dvdvideosoft does not come with Skype recording notifications
  • This tool will sometimes blur video calls at the end.
  • It contains ads, they will keep on popping up during your recording sessions, and of course they annoy end users.
  • This Skype recorder tool also doesn’t support editing calls, once you record Skype calls with it that will be it.